Perec "Les Choses"

Perec’s Les Choses was first published in 1965; it presages most of his other work [for example: “Life: a user’s manual”] by documenting a couple’s life by the things they own. This is accomplished in a sociological description rather than a nouveau-roman style. I enjoy Perec immensely.

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My digital library, one book at a time

Ten books down, about 3,000 to go. I have a few hundred already scanned, but most of my library is still to go…

Well, it’s about time – I’ve finally updated some texts online. I have two types of books online: ones I have collected from other sources (as I wanted to provide a consolidated library of French ebooks) and books that are exclusive to my website.

I originally planned on including ebooks online, but as the collection of copyright-free books grew, I also include ‘exclusives which I have made available to students in classes – these include some hard-to-find originals as well as a large collection of pre-1950 text books.

I own a fairly large academic personal library – most of which is in storage at this point. I’ve been reluctant to downsize. Rather than get rid of my collection entirely, I’ve decided to try to digitize my collection.

I am currently experimenting with different ways of providing information on my books and library.