Bescherelle – english edition

bescherelle-english by Green Gorilla
bescherelle-english, a photo by Green Gorilla on Flickr.

Livre du Jour – Friday September 7.

This was one of my first scans. It’s an older copy of the bescherelle, but an english edition I can use with my students as it’s not overwhelmingly complicated. The verbs are arranged in tables of frequency, and the index in the back tells the reader which table to consult. There is also a very useful introduction to the French verb system in the front, as well as examples of how the verbs and variants are used at the bottom of each table.

You can view the file here:

2 thoughts on “Bescherelle – english edition

  1. Thanks for the upload! Would you recommend this English edition over the French edition to your students learning French? Also, which pocket dictionary would you recommend?

    1. The english edition is identical to the French one – except for the notes in English. As far as dictionaries – I use the Robert-Collins, and actually use the online versions. I also like the Larousse or the Langenscheidt. Just so students understand there are limitations to these tools.

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