Labro – L'étudiant étranger

This is a wonderful coming of age novel by Philippe Labro – a French writer, journalist, film maker, and radio personality. He has also written lyrics for Johnny Halliday.

I first read Philippe Labro as part of a course I taught as a Stanford Graduate student.

L’étudiant étranger (the foreign student) is a novel about a French student who receives a scholarship to study at the University of Virginia in 1954. A lovely bitter-sweet experience ensues, and a recollection of the days before the civil rights movement. This is a good novel to read in the context of cross-cultural studies.

[issuu width=420 height=354 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121107200428-5e1a4d3609864644b904bcc4ff51cab6 name=labro-etudiant-etranger-folio-1986 username=franceinfo tag=franceinfo unit=px v=2]


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