Suivez-la-piste audio tracks are all on my other blog

Suivez la piste is a 1970’s detective novel in 25 chapters for advanced beginners. The audio tracks are available on my Tumblr Blog:

I read this book in a French tutorial at The Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington) in the fall of 1974. I don’t know why, but I still have a copy of the book – which is hard to come by. Suivez la piste has a certain retro charm that is very 60’s-70’s : film noir atmosphere, with quite a large sprinkling of authentic vocabulary. I should point out that the stage directions are in English – but this is from a pre-direct method era (that is : after the 70’s it will be nigh impossible to have English in any form in such a narrative). I will be linking the pdf files and audio soon. Let me know if you have any problems accessing the materials. Enjoy! { Des vitamines? Non, petite gourde, non! }

Suivez la Piste :

table of contents Chapter 00 : PDF / LISTEN

Introduction & contents Chapter 01 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 02 : PDF /

Chapter 03 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 04 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 05 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 06 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 07 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 08 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter 09 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter10 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter11 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter12 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter13 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter14 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter15 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter16 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter17 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter18 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter19 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter20 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter21 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter22 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter23 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter24 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter25 : PDF / LISTEN

Chapter26 : PDF / Index & Vocabulary

One thought on “Suivez-la-piste audio tracks are all on my other blog

  1. I am currently learning French and we’re using Suivez La Piste in the course. It’s a pity that it’s no longer in print and that the only copies you can get are second hand ones often with lots of markup\handwritten notes. If you PDF’s of the book are still available then I’m interested in getting a copy of them. I can be contacted at

    Joe P.

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